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Becoming…, but looking forward!

This article is part of our special report Climate science from space.Why should we debate climate science from a space-based perspective? This is a question that should con…

Saving the planet from space: how satellite observation can help tackle climate change

A defining moment in space exploration is the first image of Earthrise – watching the Earth come over the horizon – taken by an astronaut on Apollo 8 as it ventured on its historic trip to circle t…

CEiiA – Centro de Engenharia e Desenvolvimento

No âmbito da Conferência Ciências do Clima a partir do Espaço: sinergias para uma economia de inovação mais verde, o Ministro da Ciência, Tecnologia e Ensino Superior, Manuel Heitor, deslocou-se a…

Council adopts position on €14.8 billion EU space programme for 2021-2027

Council of the EU | Press release | 19 April 2021 |The Council today adopted its first reading position on the proposed regulation establishing the EU space programme ( “the programme”) for th…

Satélites podem ajudar a combater crise climática

Presidente da Agência Espacial Portuguesa defende partilha de dados para se criarem modelos preditivos.

Space experts: Cheaper ‘real-time data’ needed for earth monitoring services

Interview in Euractiv with Climate Science from Space Conference Partners, Ricardo Conde from Portugal Space and Miguel Belló, from Air CentreSatellites can help track things like extreme weat…

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